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Reflection On The First Two Weeks

In the first few weeks we have found out how to set up our own blog on wordpress which is a content management system. This is important for me to have for my year as I have to be ‘blogging’ my reflections each week and blog some photography too! ┬áThis will be useful to me to have so that I remember what I did each week and also at the end of my course it will be useful to have for a portfolio and also for job interviews I will be able to say that I have used a content management system!
It will be useful for me to have a blog as I would quite like to upload my photography to somewhere so that other people can view it and tell me their opinions of my work! Hopefully I will learn how to use this website more so that I can produce more exciting blogs with a bit more colour and design! We have also learnt how to create pages, categorise posts and just generally tidy up or blog, which will be useful to me so that I can easily navigate around my blog!

We also got given our foundation project of creating a zine which is quite interesting as I am quite interested in designing webpages and magazine pages.