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3 Best Sporting Moments of 2010

Here are three of the best sporting moments of 2010.

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Some photographs I took with slow shutter speeds during Guy Fawkes night!

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I have decided to do my 800 word article on whether zoos are good or bad!

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Sir Jimmy Saville to receive a permanent memorial in Leeds? 

Sir Jimmy Saville died at his home in Roundhay in Leeds at the age of 84.
Leeds city council are this week going to ask for the opinions of local people in Leeds to find out whether people want a Jimmy Saville memorial. They want to know whether people want to celebrate his life and all his achievements with a statue, a plaque or some sort of memorial to Jimmy Saville.
Leeds city council believe that he deserves some sort of recognition for his devotion to Leeds. He was born in Leeds and died in Leeds and should be remembered as a Leeds legend. The leeds city council have said that they are planning something for Jimmy Saville but need the opinions of local people that knew him well what they think should be done in memory of Sir Jimmy Saville.
There is also apparently a statue of Sir Jimmy Saville wanted in Scarborough where he had a holiday home for more than 40 years. Surely if he is recognised in his holiday home and they want a memorial of Sir Jimmy Saville then his hometown should recognise him and all he achieved and produce a memorial much bigger than the one in Scarborough.