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I took this photograph in the dark,but used the Flash Gun to make everything visible. I picked a football because football and sport is a big part of my life and I enjoy playing and watching it. I chose a lens as Photography is a hobby of mine, I would have taken a photograph of my camera if I could. I also put in the book of chicken,as chicken is my favourite food and I quite enjoy cooking. Finally I put all this stuff on my bed, so that my bed could be in shot,as it is probably my favourite thing and where I spend most of my time!


Final 10 Photographs

Graphics and Design Appraisal

For my Photo Story, I chose to do ‘Purity’, I produced 10 photographs of ┬ápurity within nature. I took photographs of lambs, swans, blossom and water. I felt that these things showed purity within nature. I felt that there were a lot of things within nature that were pure and so I took photographs of them. I felt that my original images were good, but needed that extra kick to make them more exciting and exaggerate purity through editing. I managed to make photographs clearer, sharper and adjust the colours, hue and saturation to create much better photographs. Through editing I could make the whites in photographs stand out more than others as I decided that whiteness signifies purity.

My favourite photograph that I produced was the black and white convert. I felt that this worked really well to show purity as it made the whiteness of the lamb stand out more compared to a grey background. I wasn’t sure if it would ruin the photograph and take away the pure colours I was hoping to produce throughout the module, but I felt that the grayscale version only made the white stand out more. With ‘white’ being a main idea of mine for purity then this worked well to show the purity of the whiteness.
Another photograph I liked was the sunset filter using the channel mixer in editing in Photoshop.I think that the final outcome produced a more exciting warmer image with colours better suited towards spring time. I felt that spring time showed purity well because it was a time of rebirth. So I think that this filter has created a spring time effect and making the image more suited for my module.

I also liked the photograph of blossom, I adjusted the Curves and Levels, but mainly the saturation to cause their colours to be at their brightest and most appealing. I really like this effect and found that it made this photograph look much better. It makes the blue sky really pure blue and makes the overall image warmer. It also makes the blossom as white as it can get, this was useful for me trying to create a photograph to show purity as the whiteness again stands out a lot. I think the white and blue contrast well also to make both the colours stand out.

I found myself using image > Adjustments > Curves the most, as I was able to make a lot of difference to a photograph without a huge amount of effort. I would use this adjustment first just to set the photograph into a more interesting image, then would use other things I had learnt throughout the tutorials with Brian.
Working along with the Photo Story module, I used the images along the way to do tutorials and produce final images. I found that using Photoshop was quite tricky at times. I have used Photoshop a lot before this but never realised there was so much more that could be learnt. So I am looking forward to using the techniques I learnt this term and taking them into next term. I think that some of the tutorials were quite hard to follow but after several readings I eventually managed to follow them and edit my photographs to create more exciting photographs which better suited my Photo story.

Another thing I learnt throughout this project is how to print images in their best form so that they actually print to the highest definition and closest colour match to the photograph that was actually taken. I think if I take a career in graphics or design then this will help massively in getting me prepared to print the best photograph I can as quickly as possible.

I think that my final images showed purity well before editing, but show purity better now they have had editing done to them. Editing helped me to bring out the right colours and brightness to show the colours in their purest form and create better stories within the photograph.