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studio numbers
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low numbers let in the most amounts of light


find a story to do with saturday. decide a point of view on the story and consider what sort of magazine your story might be published to. tell your story in 6 photos. prepare a statement that describes how and why you chose the angle…


Subjective and Objective photos


What Kind of Journalist are you?

* What topics are you most interested in as a journalist?
The topics I am most interested in are to do with sport mainly, but also the entertainment industry. Things such as reviews for sporting events,places,tv programs,movies and music etc.
Within sport then Football would be my favoured sport and I would like to be more of a less formal interviewer rather than a factual stat filled reviewer. I find interacting with people more interesting and finding out players personal opinions on their team, their form and other random bits would be fun.
* Which blogs, news sites and forums cover these topics best?
Soccer AM the television program on Sky Sports on a saturday morning provides less formal interviews with football players, on their own lives as well as their footballing lives.
They also interview other celebrities who are keen on football too and find out what they think about certain footballing events.
FourFourTwo is also quite good for interviews with football players as well as the factual side of the sport. 

Twitter provides me with links to Footballing Stories but also lots of entertainment stories through hashtags

Rotten Tomatoes is good for movie reviews!

* Do you have any hobbies or interests in addition to the topics you chose above?

I play Badminton at the University which is a hobby I have recently taken up. Also have interest in lots of other sports.

* Which blogs, news sites and forums cover these topics best. 
Twitter, Sky Sports News