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A Sign is a combination of a signifier with a particular signified.
The signifier is the physical form and makes us think of something.
The signified is the concept it represents.
There is no one to one link. Signs have multiple meanings.
Signs have a language that is arbitrary and autonomous.

Codes- We interpret signs through codes.
Codes provide a framework within which a sign makes sense.
Daniel Chandler Basic Semiotics.

Types of Codes:
Social codes.. verbal language, body language, behaviour rituals and fashion codes
Textual Codes.. scientific codes,aesthetics and arts codes and mass media codes
Interpretive codes.. that include ideological codes.

Appraisal.. What are the signs of the magazine you are aiming your documentary photos at…
How do my pictures aim at that age group and how do they fit into the magazine. What are the signs in your photographs.