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Roles in the Magazine

This week we discussed how we are going to record our meetings.
We looked 
at and decided it would be a good website to use. It allows us all to be in the group, we can all send in our work and discuss over this page. We would also use Facebook messages to each other as another way of communication. We decided that we would hold a meeting each Friday in Mike’s session, this would give us a good opportunity each week to catch up and see where people are at and to plan other aspects of the magazine.

Name of the magazine: Discover Yorkshire
Section I am doing: Pages 10+11 & 20+21 and one of the covers.
Feature Titles: Royal Armouries & Ripley Castle
Description of feature: I am going to visit both of these places and then write about where it is,what it is, whats on, when to go and a brief history. Combined with a description and photographs.

Our Demographic will be:
People with an income of £25k+
Couples over 21 or Families, People interested in travelling and Yorkshire.
People with little or no knowledge about Yorkshire.
The Double Page Features that we are going to be doing are:

  • Saltaire Village
  • Scarborough
  • Royal Armouries
  • Flamingo Land
  • Stump Cross Caverns

Then we will each do a single page feature as well including:

  • Bolton Abbey
  • A top ten article about Scarborough
  • Ripley Castle
  • Harewood House

Then one double page review of ‘Friends of Ham’ Bar and Restaurant. Then finally a single page review of Bretts Fish Restaurant.

Each person will have to research their items to find out how to get to there place, how much it will cost, what days and times it open etc.
Each person will also have to research about the places they are going to visit, so that it makes it easier to write about when it comes to writing the travel piece.


Week 1

In the first week of the group project we have been assigned to do this term. We are in teams and have been assigned the task of putting together a magazine between our group. My team consists of Maddie, Lucy, Tom and Poppy

We started to come up with ideas for what sort of things we could base our magazine on this week. We began by talking bout what interests we each have and tried to find a mutual interest. We discussed about travel, places that could be visited, food and events. We thought initially we could maybe do a magazine based on places in Yorkshire that were filming locations for TV or Films such as the place where Emmerdale is filmed. We thought about the demographic and decided the magazine should be aimed towards older people visiting Yorkshire. We decided that it might be too expensive to go visit places too far away. So we narrowed it down to just a magazine about things to see and do around Yorkshire. We came up with the name “Discover Yorkshire” as a rough name for our magazine.

1200 word appraisal of the project. Editorial contribution, Professional Contribution and online blog.

Assessment in detail.

1200 words spread over 4 pages in a magazine.
Raw copy and images. Text document and images.
Week 12 is deadline day.