Archive | March 2013


I decided to look at what layouts other magazines of similar context use.
Firstly I looked at front covers of similar magazines. The main thing I noticed with the magazines was the image on the front of all of them is vibrant and clear which invites you in. The have the main title of the magazine and smaller sub headings which attract the readers attention of what exactly is inside the magazine. They are priced between £2.95 and £3.99 which I think would be a good range of price we should aim to sell our magazine for. We want our magazine to be different to other magazines so don’t want to copy these layouts fully although some aspects of them are hard not to copy, for instance the image at the back!

I also looked at the double page features that were inside these magazines. They both have large pictures that cover a page or both pages. I like the layout of the writing on the photograph. I think this would be a good layout to follow, having a photograph that covers two pages with writing over the top of it.