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Contents Page

This week I had a look at some other magazines to see what they did for a contents page.
I looked at Wanderlust magazine and Yorkshire Life magazine. I really liked the Wanderlust magazines layout for the contents page and  thought it worked well for a travel magazine. It shows the main features of the magazines along with photographs and arrows to point out where the places are for people to see. I also like the bright colours that are used to make it more attractive. The Yorkshire Life magazine is fairly plain and simple with some photos followed by the contents. I dislike this one as there is a lot of white and empty space. However it does its job in clearly presenting what is in the magazine.

Here is a quick draft contents page I have done trying to imitate the Wanderlust contents page using the colour scheme and font choices we chose as a group.

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 20.41.52The final contents page we decided on:

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 14.43.15



This week we made a flatplan on how our magazine is going to look, We have come up with this plan to all stick by, it will make it easier to keep track of what has been finished and what is still waiting to be finished. It will also be useful when it comes to the end of the project when we are putting the magazine together in one place.


Early Layout and Font Thoughts

This week we looked at the basic layout and fonts we could use for our magazine to keep it all similar so that it flows smoothly. We decided that each double page review should have a Panoramic photograph that will go across the bottom of the page. We have colour coordinated each page due to what section it would come under in the contents.
Food & Drink – Red
Family – Navy blue
Outdoors – Light blue
Heritage – Yellow
Educational – Beige

We decided that we could use Helvetica as the body copy as this is a fairly well used font in magazines. It is simple and clear, we did not want to try and make our magazine difficult to read by giving it a fancy font. We have decided to all use ‘Sandwich Paper” as our font for headlines and sub headings.
Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 15.11.29

We found this Font on the website, I’m not sure if I completely agree on this font as I think it maybe makes the magazine look a little tacky, but that is just a personal opinion.

I found this website quite interesting for looking up fonts and researching what type of magazine uses what type of font. Like I already stated this agrees that Helvetica is the most common font used in magazines.


Our 400 word Pitch:
We have done a draft of our 400 word pitch which we shall present to Chris on Wednesday:

Our magazine is going to be a Travel Tourism guide for Yorkshire. It will be aimed at families and couples who want to further their knowledge on Yorkshire or just want to find somewhere to go for a good day out with the family.
The magazine will include a number of different places to go and see varying from historical museums, to the Eastern Coast, to the Zoo So there is something for everyone.
This magazine will be interesting as it will provide relevant information for a diverse range of exciting, entertaining and educational places to go and visit in Yorkshire including where to go and what to do, along with prices and travel information.
We have decided that to include a number of double page features in the magazine to provide more information and photographs of the places we have chosen to focus on. We feel this is a good idea as there will be a lot more space to spread our findings out.
The magazine will include: Reviews; Which will include Restaurants and cafes and peoples views and opinions are on them. Features; which will be of all the areas of Yorkshire we are focusing on. Photographs; of the sites, historical landmarks and fun family days out. All photographs you will see in the magazine will be ones we have taken ourselves. Copy style; Small Sophisticated type of font, fun, interesting. Design. Theme – Naturistic type of look to it.Contents – Includes feature pages, photography pages, review pages. Cover – A Yorkshire look to it – Maybe a landscape. Energy – Lots of enthusiasm will go into making this magazine. Never – Let down your teammates. We will all put 100% effort into it and share the workload out equally. Ensure – Every page has been produced to the highest standard possible. The worst thing would be to have 28 great pages and 2 terrible ones. It will stand out like a sore thumb!We feel a travel guide would be good to create as it will help members of the public who have little knowledge on Yorkshire discover places they can go and visit.It is very important that all members of the group attend each lesson so we don’t get behind on any work and so the workload is split equally as it is not fair for someone to have more to do than others.

Body Copy for Royal Armouries

Here is an edited version of my body copy to go into my magazine feature:

The Royal Armouries museum is a museum dedicated to military history. The museum is based in Leeds on Clarence docks near the city centre. The Royal Armouries Museum is a £42.5 million museum that opened in 1996. The items that are on show were previously on display or in storage at the Tower of London.

The museum has 5 floors with different Galleries spread out across the floors.

 These Galleries include:

•         The War Gallery

•         The Hunting Gallery

•         The Tournament Gallery

•         The Self Defence Gallery

•         The Oriental Gallery

The museum also has a gift shop, which sells lots of souvenirs from the museum, even swords and helmets! A café offering food and drinks and a children’s play area with full fancy dress!
The museum is hands on, educational and great for all ages. There are lots of things to see and do at the Royal Armouries and the best part is that it is completely FREE.

 One of the main features of the museum is the ‘Hall of Steel’. The ‘Hall of Steel’ has been architecturally designed so that the mirror prism you look in gives a reflection showing the whole of the ‘Hall of Steel’. The spiral stairs take you up to the 4th floor of the museum and there are displays of different swords, shields and other weaponry on the way up. There is also a view out onto Leeds, Clarence Docks and the canal.

 With a number of different galleries each section has something different to offer. All the arms and armour from each section vary in age and culture. Not only are there weapons from several wars in the tournament gallery there is lots of information about jousting, archery, foot combat and other tournament events. In the hunting gallery there are lots of facts about how hunting was done and how it has evolved.

The oriental gallery shows the difference in weapons from different cultures, housing weapons, armour, shields and also models of the animals that were used as transport during wartime. This gallery houses items from India, Turkey, Persia, China, Japan and South East Asia.

There is a hidden weapons section in the ‘Self Defence Gallery’ This part of the museum holds weapons from World war 2 which look like they could have been used in a James Bond film. Including an ‘Umbrella Gun’ and an ‘Apache Revolver’, which is a gun with a knife and knuckleduster integrated.
There is even a section in one of the Galleries that has a middle earth section for the Lord of the Rings fans. This displays Gandalfs ‘Glamdring’ sword and Aragorns ‘Andúril’ sword, as well as other swords from the films and information about them to go with it.

Outside the museum there is also the ‘Arena’ that is located by the river and weather permitting, they hold exhibitions here. You can get a taste of medieval times by seeing the real jousting competitions that they hold around Easter time. The arena has seating for over 1200 people, however you usually have to buy tickets to see events in the arena. The arena is the only part of the museum that you may have to pay for, should you want to see any exhibitions. They regularly post what exhibitions are available to visit on their website in the events section :
The museum is very well laid out as well as educational and interesting. This is a great place to visit in Leeds, especially if it’s raining and you can’t do anything outdoors.  Because the Museum is situated on the new Clarence Docks then you could enjoy a walk by the canal also, or have a bite to eat at the new Pizza Express if the café in the museum doesn’t take your fancy. Pizza Express is directly opposite the Royal Armouries.

Opening Times.
Open daily 10am – 5pm
Last admission 4.30pm
Closed 24, 25 and 26 December

Body Copy Plan

Plan of Body Copy:
Introduction: 100
A brief introduction of the place and where it is.

History: 200
Small bit of history about the place

What has it got? 200
What is the main attraction and other attractions nearby?

What is nearby? 150
Places to eat and drink etc.

Entry times and prices. 150.

Front Covers

This week we looked at what front cover we should have on our magazine. We decided we should go for a traditional photograph that covers the whole page,like most other travel magazines. We came up with a few different designs but decided on the front cover with the Beach huts from Scarborough. Personally I think that the other two would be more suitable because you generally don’t think of the seaside when you think of Yorkshire. With the title being ‘Explore’ and this photograph then it might be confusing as to where this travel magazine is actually aimed. Whereas if you had a photograph of something iconic in Yorkshire or something you would associate with Yorkshire then it might be more clear to the target audience. However it could be a good thing because it might surprise people who have the narrow minded opinion like mine, that beaches do exist in Yorkshire!
Here are a few of our magazine covers: