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Research Ideas


I have come up with some ideas for my research project. I need to do something that will interest me and also that i can relate to or have some knowledge of already. I thought that a good idea could be “How footwear in football can affect injuries”. I have personal experience from this as when i was younger i twisted my knee playing football, perhaps from wearing the wrong footwear on the wrong surface. There is a few channels i can go down with the safety of football players wearing blades compared to studs and moulded studs. I can find a good comparison and research to find out how many injuries have been caused by a players footwear. I know a few people who have suffered injuries similar to mine where they twist their knee and i know that in professional football there are injuries that could be caused by the footwear. I think i would find this research interesting to see just how big a difference there is between the styles of footwear and also to see if the injuries are directly related…
Football Injuries
Football boots 
Football boot related injuries

Research with Barbara

Databases for Research:

X-stream – LIbrary – Discover

When researching you will be able to see how other people write their articles, which will help for when we write our own.
X-Stream – Library – Skills for Learning – A-Z Index – H – Harvard Referencing – A-Z of reference examples
R – Report Writing
X-Stream – Library – Library Online – Most extensive newspaper database but no photographs
Pressdisplay – Only lasts 60 days but contains photographs

Find examples of experts talking about the subject.. not own opinions… needs to be full of references of other people.
2-3 in bold/italic in speech marks…
majority of references will be paraphrases.. must state it is someone else’s ideas.
recommendations and conclusions can include your ideas.
Speak in third person
Harvard Referencing:
 Citing in the body of text or in the middle of your essay or report,when you refer to someones ideas.
List of references at the end/bibliography
For example, Taylor (1999) suggest that one of the reasons for children’s tendency to… (Paraphrasing) don’t need to use speech marks because I’m not quoting exactly just summing up her ideas.Their ideas, your words.
Quotations in text
Example: Race (2007, p.16) reminds us that “…a good degree is not a direct and unambiguous measure of intelligence”.
Has to have page number, word for word. Only 2 or 3 of these references,majority will be paraphrasing.
Open research with one maybe.Too many of these quotes stops you being critical and more descriptive.
At the end you would put Race,P. (2007) The name of the book
Try not to be so broad with Keywords.. the more you narrow it down the easier it will be.

Project Research and Planning

Semester 1

Project research and planning
Research title proposal October 7th (Week 4)
Research journal and proposed project plan 25th November 30% (Blog)
Final research report 2nd December 
Semester 2 
Project Implementation & Project Evaluation
Final product in semester 2 60%
Magazine feature
Newspaper feature
Digital publication for tablet or online 
An interactive multimedia piece
A portfolio of shorter articles
How tennis rackets affect arm injuries
Saving bees website
research into photographer,how he got his photographs,what lighting he uses etc…
Cystic fibrosis??
Football/sport related
Photo feature
30 Images, 1000 words of script (500 word introduction 30 x 50 word captions)
Written feature
5000 words of script/and or copy (250 word intro, 5x 50 word captions 4250 words of body copy or narration) 5 images
3500 words of script with about 15 images (2500 body copy, 250 word intro, 15 x 50 word captions)
Create a substantial piece of journalism that is substantial enough to award marks for 3 modules.
effectively managed and presented professionally
next tuesday at 10.. barbara price shows us how to research properly.. and will help find everything! 
Writing a very objective report.. not interested in our opinion.. research is critical
Develop a research question
30 references half to be academic resources. 
Think about keywords of project to make research easier.
useful resources to get started:
bell judith,doing your research project
leeds met skills for learning research
skills for learning referencing