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Website Accessibility


Portfolio Website Accessibility:
This week we looked at how to check our own websites to see how well they function and if our pages have errors on them.

Refers to making the internet accessible to everyone.
Making website changes to help people with different difficulties. So for instance changing colours of the page for colour-blind people or making it audio friendly for blind people.

Here are a list of websites which we can use to check our own work to see how well it functions. check your portfolio for errors and to see how accessible it is. is a website you can use to see if your page is visible to colour blind people. this will help you spot 90% of problems on your portfolio website.
Work out target audience for website,based on the target audience and your background knowledge of usability from your reading. Ask them to look at the website and review it;
Asking open questions such as ‘What do you think of the colour scheme?”. Then setting closed tasks such as “find my contact details” or  “find my cv” to see how easy it is to navigate around the website.


My idea for my fashion photo shoot involves my models wearing either really bright clothes to match the smoke bombs or to contrast with the coloured smoke bombs. Or some kind of army clothing… I have put together a quick moodboard of bright coloured clothing that could be used in the photo shoot.Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 14.26.47

Art Direction

Using Flares: I have started looking at using flares for my photography as I think I will be able to create good lighting and emotions through using them…

Generally when searching for flares I found photographs from football matches or war zones. I think that flares are generally associated with hooliganism. I really like the photograph of the soldier with the red flare smoke around him, this completely changes the emotion of the photograph because you have no idea where this soldier is, the bright red lights him up and makes the photograph seem happier than it probably is. Another possibility I have found is coloured smoke bombs instead of flares.. I have seen these used in photoshoots and in advertising quite a lot. Altho this isn’t coloured smoke bombs as such it is coloured smoke, I think that using bright colours from coloured smoke and then have my model wearing bright colours will give a really good effect. I found some photoshoots where the photographer has used coloured smoke:

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This was a recent advertisement for Vauxhall Corsa was seen as controversial as it apparently promoted driving with flares out the window and dangerous driving, however it escaped being banned. Their slogan was “putting the fun back into driving”, the bright colours used in this advertisement were to sell their new range of colourful corsas. The colours caused by the flares  are all fun and playful and this is something I would like to fit into my photoshoot in the abandoned school.

Art Direction/Lighting assignment

After looking at Huroshi Sugimoto for the art direction mini assignment this helped me to think about ideas for my final piece. I started thinking about possible locations to take photographs.. I was thinking about abandoned places such as warehouses,factories, old schools etc. If I could shoot inside a place that was kind of eery and abandoned it would give the sense of emptiness and upset perhaps. I found an abandoned school in Hyde Park, I had a quick look inside and got a few photographs…


I think this would be a really good location to shoot some photographs.. I was thinking I could use a model stripped down to bare rags or something that could show the same worn down effect of the location. I could go down the direction of growing old,growing out of school etc. Either that or go in the complete opposite direction and have the model wearing really bright colours and use bright lighting.I think that this could show a really good contrast between the playfulness of school and being young but also could be a metaphor for growing old. Growing out of school or the school growing out of you…

I thought about perhaps buying some flares to use as lighting for this project,this would also add the colour I want to show youthfulness and the worry free life of a child. I think I would be able to produce some amazing photographs in this location,it might be quite tricky due to the fact the place is abandoned, if I could control everything so there was no danger then I think this could be perfect.

Similar to the lighting mini assignment I took the same photograph twice with different lighting. I think that in this photograph it changes the mood quite a lot.The darker photograph looks more artistic and more eery/creepy. Whereas the lighter photograph takes away some of the emotion of the image or changes the emotion.It makes the colours brighter which makes it seem brighter and more hopeful compared to the darkness of the first image.


More Website Troubles

After using Cargo Collective and failing I decided to try and use 500px. This seemed like a much better website and began to create my website using  500px. It was easy to upload photographs and I could create a nice layout which looked professional , it also made it easy for me to produce a biography page and a contact page which I knew I needed to have. After uploading photographs and making it look like a good photography portfolio I wanted to add my design work and news articles that I have produced. This is where I had the same problem as Cargo Collective. Unless I turned all my work into JPEGs and displayed my work as images in a slideshow,there was no way to produce my work. This meant that I was going to have to change to another website creator again!

This was quite annoying as I quite liked the work I had produced using this website… Further to this, I found out that it was only a free trial and that this website I had created would only last a further 12 days before being deleted or me having to pay for an upgrade. As the hand in date was after this time period I realised this was not going to work either.

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 19.01.14

Website Problems

I have tried to use Cargo Collective to make my website but have had trouble using this website. I thought to begin with that it would be perfect for making a website on but it didn’t seem very user friendly. The online editor wasn’t very good and when I tried to upload new photos I would have to resize every single one so that the file size was smaller to fit on the website,reducing the quality and size of my work. Also found it hard to produce pages that show work other than just photographs which would be useless when I need to show work I have created and articles I have written.

The website I half created using this was not very good at all, this website allowed very limited editing and meant that I was not able to produce something that looked professional. This would be good maybe if you were only showcasing photographs but thats about it!

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 18.48.49

Art Direction

Art Direction:
“Art direction is the means by which the creative idea can be expressed” Nik Mahon Art Direction 2010
The art director is in charge of the overall visual appearance and how it communicates visually, stimulates moods.
Theatre in fashion photography
femininity and masculinity
Hiroshi Sugimoto:
sugimoto-seascape-baltic-sea-ruegen-1996 Hiroshi Sugimoto - Theatres(2)
His photographs are often of empty places which perhaps carry a lot of emotion. He does several seascapes where all you can see is the sea and the sky and into the distance, this gives the fear of being alone or perhaps fear of nothingness?? But could also represent calm or foreverness.. eternal. He has photographs of empty movie theatres and galleries.Mostly shot in black and white rather than colour to make the photograph cold and emotionless but at the same time quite powerful. Photographs suggest loneliness and emptiness, perhaps emotions that the photographer themselves feels. Lots of photographs showing life and death.
I found this blog of photographs taken by various photographers based on the theme of nothingness:
This is taking me down the direction of empty spaces and the feeling of loneliness/emptyness.