I struggled with the essay ideas as my theme was fairytales, I thought about using rites of passage as well as this was what I was going to look at before I decided on the fairy tale theme. Looking at how people grow up and how things change in their life. I thought that I would be able to link fairy tales with how people grow up quite easily. As I started my research I found that fairytales aren’t all happy endings and were used years ago to tell tales of how to grow up and grow accustom to civilisation. I did not realise how much impact fairytales actually would have had during children’s development and was quite surprised to see how much fairytales have adapted more recently, mainly Disney. They have changed classic fairytales to tell different messages than what they were created for originally. A lot of people think that Disney created fairytales but instead he mainly added the false ‘happy ever after’ ending to a lot of older fairytales which leads people to believe that all fairytales end happily.

I think that 1200 words wasn’t enough to write a big enough explanation, I think that I have managed to produce a good essay which presents the argument about fairytales changing to fit changing rites of passage. However I would have quite liked to have written a lot more on the subject and feel I have merely brushed the surface, I really wasn’t expecting this topic to be as interesting as it was!


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