Final Photographs

These are my final photographs for the editorial photography module. I have taken photographs with a fairytale type theme mixed with inspiration from Huroshi Sugimoto. I kept most of the images in black and white showing just the colour, this black and white shows the emptiness that Sugimoto represented in his photographs and a lot of his photographs were shot in black and white. I have used the colour of the smoke grenades to show the mystical fairytale style that I was going for but also the bright colours kind of work with the rite of passage. Bright colours on a darker background show hope and emotion, because the colours are all so bright they are kind of playful like you would associate with being young. The blacks and whites show the growing up stage in comparison to being young and represent the coming of age transition.
I shot the photographs in the woods because when I looked up most things to do with fairytales then woods or enchanted forest were often involved. I had Georgia wear all black to kind of show the more gothic side to the fairytales and also it worked well when it came to editing the photographs as it meant the colours stood out more!

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