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Week 3 Reflections:

This week we had our pitch presentations for our project implementation. My presentation was with Honey, I was slightly nervous before the presentation because I was going to be recorded, but once I was there and doing it I forgot about the camera. The feedback I received from Honey was that my pitch was too aimed towards marketing and advertising and less towards the editorial side. My pitch was detailed for trying to sell products from my feature, but I didn’t actually sell the idea of my story very well. This helped me to realise that I wasn’t actually 100% sure what I was going to write about, I had a vague idea but not a detailed plan which I think if I had had I would have presented a better pitch. However with it being the first presentation I have done in 3 years I don’t think it went too badly.
I have also been preparing my Gantt Chart to be uploaded for sunday.To begin with I found it quite difficult to think of 100 tasks,but then when it came to actually putting all the tasks into the Gantt I managed to think of quite a few. The Gantt is quite tricky to figure out to begin with but the more you use it the quicker and easier it becomes. I think that it is actually a really good idea to have a Gantt for projects like this because it lays out for you to see just how much work I have to do in what space of time and if i stick to deadlines I have set for myself then I should easily keep up to date and well on top of my work.

This week we met at the Corn Exchange, we looked around the space to decide whether it would be good for our exhibition. The space was quite big with lots of rooms, it seems like the perfect space. With a big space, in a good location and where lots of people would walk in, i think everyone had kind of decided that this was going to be the best place. However, we each went out in our groups after to different locations to then report back next week to discuss which location we should use. We went and visited the White Cloth space near the train station. The downstairs space was quite big and had an exhibition on which looked good. The woman that worked there was a bit reluctant to help us out and not hugely helpful. She showed us another room upstairs which she said would be more likely that we would use, but it wasn’t big enough and kind of out the way. There was also no alcohol allowed upstairs which would have been a negative if we were wanting to have a bar or free alcohol with our exhibitions.


Magazine Ideas Project

Ideas for magazine:
I am slightly confused at the moment as to what I am actually going to do which I assume is just normal for this time of the year. I don’t know if I have to write one whole feature story or if i can do a few stories that all fit into one section of a magazine.
I am going to do something tennis related to fit in with my work done in semester one. I think i will create my work to pitch to a magazine that already exists rather than try to create a new magazine purely on tennis. It is quite a niche market for magazines to be based solely on tennis and not sure what the overall reach of such a magazine would be. I will look into this during the next week or so just to confirm that my idea of pitching for an existing magazine is a better idea than creating my own.
1. ‘What am I going to do for my product (artefact)?’ …. A magazine feature or two?
2. ‘How will the product look?’…. I will do it in the style of Mens health/mens fitness magazine… my article would fit in to it.
3. ‘What will my readership/audience be?

To fit in mens health? or mens fitness? or tennis?

Possible story ideas:
Which shoes are best for which surface… a review of shoes and surfaces…
Common injuries and prevention…

Advertising space for:
tennis clothing

Extensions: apps/online edition/mobile edition
How to spread the word:
Possible problems:


Looking at the demographics for Mens Fitness and Mens health I can see that my target audience is older so my article would have to be interesting for them. Thats why instead of writing about playing tennis to help promote fitness, I will write a feature that would almost sell or advertise sports footwear for the reader.


Week 2 Alison
23rd February,upload it on xstream
main tasks broken down into 5 processes
initiating initial ideas
planning pre production
executing production
monitoring post production
closing process

subtasks: try to avoid creating weeks as subtasks
dates and durations
date started/ended
project hours and outside work etc
type number then m for minute h for hours and d for days.
what you are going to do, when you are going to do them… in detail.
week 4 onwards, best guestimate of things i need to do.
12 weeks minimum of 100 tasks/subtasks
if i do interviews,need new ethics form
final deadline may 11th

reread brief/make notes/
what do you need to finish before you can start the next task.
duration dates and dependencies

start end dates,tasks subtasks,duration.
resource allocation for each subtask.. most tasks we will be our own resource.add tutors as a resource. interviewees also resource.
milestones.(significant deliverables)
create milestone by 0 duration
detailed production budget…
get all the main bits in first then add the detail…

3 weeks pitch

adding dependencies:
gantt chart view… have to finish one task before you can start another.
finish to start…
start to start…
finish to finish….
start to finish…

add key resources to each task and subtask… for now just need to add key resources to each task/subtask…. needs reducing my at least 50% or 4 hours a day or 21 hours a week. due to 2 other modules.


Key to success:
Time management

What style will i do it?
what publications will it fit into?

200 marks available altogether
very detailed project plan
100 plus tasks and subtasks, indented
relevant dependencies
costs and budgets
milestones 3 week pitch, 8 week pitch, final deadline week 12
initial baseline for week 3
showing critical path

Think about what needs to be started at the same time
what needs to be finished before i can start the next piece

Reflective journal;
document everything! for when you become professional you will need it,otherwise you could get sued.
Weekly entries should map to developments in project plan and vice versa.
Plan and journal should talk to each other
too much description in journal
lacking detail
written last minute
need reflection and evaluation in it