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What i have done so far:
Emailed people to try and get shoes to photograph. Emailed people to try and get interviews with tennis players. Emailed people to try and get interviews with nutritionists… Success with tennis players, Had interviews with Irina Falconi, Eva Hrdnova and Maria Sanchez. All top world ranked Womens tennis players.
Success with nutritionist, had an interview with Hannah Greatwood the Leeds Met nutritionist.
Started writing first draft article.

Left to do:
Take photographs for article and produce a layout to put the body copy and photographs in. Email my draft writing to couple of lecturers to get feedback. Show Honey the photographs I take and ask for feedback.

What problems I’ve had and what I’ve had to change:
Trying to get shoes to photograph has been quite tricky. Have had little to no response on that front.
Been into shoe shops in leeds city centre and asked for shoes to borrow to photograph as a photojournalist. Got given email addresses to send to but haven’t had much success.
Having to rethink how or what I am going to take photos of. My new plan is to buy shoes and then take them back for a refund after I’ve photographed them in the studio. Was also planning on taking photographs of people playing tennis at Leeds Met.
All of my responses have been aimed towards womens sport so I am slightly altering my pitch to Womens health instead of mens health but still with the same stories. Mens health and womens health are run by the same company and look similar so having women interviewees because of the questions I’ve asked are going to be more relevant to female health and sports.

What i would have liked in an ideal world:
The money to be able to afford to go and photograph these 3 tennis players in action to fit the piece. Money to be able to buy loads of shoes to photograph!

Two pieces based on womens tennis…
One based on injury and injury prevention including some of the answers from interviews with Maria, Irina and Eva. Some content based on shoes, photographs of nike shoes, adidas shoes and asics shoes, as these are the 3 sponsors of these 3 tennis players. Some photographs of people playing tennis.
A second article based on nutrition in tennis, including some of the answers from the interviews with maria,irina and eva but mainly Hannah Greatwood the nutritionist. Both articles will be spread out to fit the womens health layout. The first article based on injury and injury prevention will be the bulk of my copy, approx 2000-2500 words with the second article being 1000-1500 words depending on the other article and layout.

So what am I going to do:
Two articles;
1 based on Injury Prevention
Including interview answers from Maria, Irina and Eva
1 based on Nutrition
Including interview answers from Tennis players and Hannah Greatwood
2000-2500 words for the injury prevention
Photographs of adidias,nike and asics shoes (3 companies that sponsor the 3 tennis players)
1000-1500 for the nutrition depending on other article and layout.
Photographs of food/people playing tennis
To fit Women’s Health design

Think that things are going well on the article front managing to obtain interviews etc.
Think that its been hard trying to obtain stuff to photograph.
Found the gantt chart quite tricky to update;
I need to look into how to do things in more depth so that i can track my gantt better.

Emailing People

Emailing people:

I have been sending out emails to companies and agents of tennis players etc to try and find someone to interview for my magazine article.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a third year photographic journalism student at Leeds Metropolitan, last semester I did a research module into tennis injuries on different surfaces and this semester I have to produce a magazine feature piece. I have pitched the feature idea to a few sporting magazines and have received great interest so they are awaiting my final product at the end of this semester.
I wondered if you could help me by providing me with shoes to review or photograph, could advise me as to which best model of shoe for each surface or could help me out at all in any way?
I have already had confirmation from Babolat to use some of their products so any thing that I could compare against would be brilliant.
Any help you could give me would be very greatly received and any work I get offered I would heavily promote your website and your helpfulness.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks very much
Joseph Kay

Dear Sir/Madam
I am a third year photographic journalism student at Leeds Metropolitan, last semester I did a research module into tennis injuries on different surfaces and this semester I have to produce a magazine feature piece. I have pitched the feature idea to a few sporting magazines and have received great interest so they are awaiting my final product at the end of this semester.
I wondered if you could help me by answering some questions about nutrition and injury prevention that I can put into my magazine feature piece.
I have seen that you are very qualified and have a fantastic knowledge so being able to put your ideas into my work would give it much more credibility and make it more exciting to read!
Any help you could give me would be very greatly received!
Hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks very much
Joseph Kay

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am a third year student producing a magazine feature piece about tennis surfaces, injuries and prevention. I was wondering how I would go about getting an interview with any tennis players or ex tennis players, male or female that I could ask a few questions to. Either by email, Skype, telephone or in person. Whatever would work easiest. I was hoping to ask a few questions that I could then use in my feature piece.
Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot
Joseph Kay

Questions to ask tennis players?
Most common injury they suffer from if any?
Worst injury they have suffered?
Which surface they suffered this injury?
What brand of tennis shoe do they wear? The same for each surface or is one brand better for a certain surface compared to another?
Favourite surface to play on?
Favourite tournament?
Least favourite surface?
Are there any surfaces they are more worried about playing on due to injury?
How do they prevent getting injured? Special measures? train specifically in the gym or specifically on certain surface types?
Do they follow a strict diet plan?
What do they eat to help prevent injury?

I have written to:
Bruno Maglione from IMG Tennis agents
Saviano Tennis
Mens Health
Daily Mail
Roger Federer
Agent Atleta
Hannah Greatwood

Questions to Ask Nutritionist

Questions to ask nutritionist…

What would a tennis players diet consist of?
What would be the most important part or parts of the diet?
What would a tennis player or athlete eat before and after a game?
What would a tennis player or athlete eat to help prevent injury? are there any special foods or drinks?
Are there things that tennis players eat differently in comparison to other athletes?
Do diets change depending on what surface the player will be playing on? (clay,grass,hard court)


Week 6 Reflection:

This week we went back to the Corn Exchange, after confirming our place there last week, we had to go and decide who was going to have what space.
I wanted one of the well lit rooms because I am hoping to produce my work on acrylic and think if the lighting is good it will make the photographs look much better. I luckily managed to get one of the best spots (I think personally) We measured the room out so that we can make a scale model to bring in for next week. Me, Tom, Lucy and Jess are all sharing one room but it is plenty big enough for us all. We also have a small lit up shelving unit which I think I am going to use to showcase my work as well as wall space.
I have received quite a few payments now and collected them all into one bank account. I have been tracking the payments using Microsoft Excel so I can see who has paid so far and also a running total which I can match against the bank account.

Project Planning:
This week I added a bit more to my Gantt, including changing resources and amending errors that I had got feedback from.I started trying to allocate my time better so that the little red men disappeared from the Gantt also.
I emailed quite a few people to interview for my feature piece and have managed to receive a couple of emails back from a couple of World Ranked female tennis players which I am really excited about. This will help make my feature more interesting and legitimate because it has professionals from the world of tennis to back up my own work. Next week I am going to email some more people, mainly nutritionists this time to find out more about the nutrition needed for a tennis player. Before matches, after matches etc. I am also going to try and get in contact with more sports shoe companies to try and get some tennis shoes to photograph. I am planning to go to the Asics shop in town. Sarah has told me that I might be able to get some shoes on some sort of media hire so I am going to email her to ask her more about it.

Alison’s Lecture

Alison week 6
some limited
lacked logic

Need to change percentage of resources on gantt chart because there is no way I will be doing 100% of the work 100% of the time.
meeting with lecturers 0.5% more likely.
don’t forget to add material and cost as well as work resources, as discussed in week 5.

Milestones, each submissions needs a minimum of 3.
Meaningful,can always be added or taken away.

be realistic with durations…
The recurring task option is useful for weekly things like journals….

Critical path: a set of critical tasks that must be completed to schedule to meet end dates…
many tasks can be delayed without affecting schedule
but some can’t – these are the critical tasks.

need to show the critical path for the whole project….

relevant dependenices
refresh with project tutorials on x stream
costs and budgets
showing critical path

Need evidence of work/emails etc. in presentation…
always show the project info screen
purpose of baseline is to show planned vs actual
ok to re-baseline
usual for slippage of elements



Project Implementation
week 4:
student survey… for third year students

Week 8 Presentation… 9:30 JG207/ Chris/ Monday 24th March
Work in progress presentation: Honeys birthday
a)projects should have been started
b)concentrate on content itself
c)what problems have occurred,and what changes have been made?
d) content-sourcing issues all resolved

a) Should have started writing at the least – first draft completed- some photographs -some layout

b) Content

c) Something changed from your pitch, what you are finding difficult… Evaluation

d) Content sourcing, should be finished. All interviewees lined up/ surveys done / if need props for photoshoot.

10th march honey meeting
17th march pitch marks returned…
5th may bank holiday
final presentations- presenting to everyone.