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Photo Editing/Ideas

I tried the idea of cutting a tennis ball in half and cutting an apple in half then putting them together in photoshop. The idea sounded like it would be good and look good but it was quite tricky to do and I wasn’t too sure on the overall outcome.



Photo Studio

This week I bought £250 worth of tennis shoes after struggling to get any products from companies. I then went into the studio at University and used Lucy as a leg model for my work. I took loads of photographs of the shoes with Lucy wearing them, some without and some photographs of dropping things in water. I got home and looked through the photographs and edited some but decided that I wasn’t completely happy with all the photographs I had so got Lucy to come and be a leg model again. I went back to the Studio and took photographs closer up with her wearing both shoes instead of just one. The outcome of the photographs was much better and will be using these photographs in my feature. I will now edit the photographs using Photoshop to make them look much better and magazine ready.



DSC_0385 DSC_0463

Photography Ideas…

Apple cut like a tennis ball

Cut tennis ball
Cut apple
tennis balls being rolled out
4 leg shots with shoes
lemon dropped in water
glass of water/milk
coconut cut in half
cracked egg
? root vegetables ?
tennis shoes on court
balls on court
jumping legs with shoes in shot
bottle of water
things i need:
Bottle of water
kitchen roll
water spray


Week 10 Final Presentation:


Final presentation:
will be filmed.. monday and thursday jg231 friday priestly g05 With all lecturers.
20 minute slot and time for questions
Upload documents to x stream
What to include:
Suitable Format…
Could show similar examples
could include research to persuade us it is suitable to the brand
Excellent potential for professional publication:
How does your work show potential?
All written work is correctly punctuated etc.
Would be suitable for a future issue of the publication
show media kit of how my article would fit into it
Exceptional creative and technical standard of photography:
Do they have visual impact?
Writing suitable for publication?
Excellent punctuation etc
Writing suits the publication’s readership/audience
Relevant to their chosen editorial market
Could show media kits
You could link your work to any relevant interest of the audience that is specified on the media kit.



I haven’t been able to get any products yet to photograph which has resulted in slippage in my Gantt Chart. I have had to push the studio back a few weeks until I have products able to photograph. I will have to wait until I can afford to buy the shoes myself I think as it is getting later and later and I might run out of time to get anything. I have removed several things from my Gantt chart where I won’t be able to complete them until I have these products.