Final Magazine

Final magazine:
I have made a 3 article feature piece to fit into Women’s health magazine. I have looked at their style and adopted it into my own work so that my feature could fit into their magazine. I haven’t copied it fully though as I wanted it to be a bit unique. I have researched into the font types used in Women’s health and used similar fonts.Similar layouts with double page photographs and then single photographs. I think that the articles would fit well into a Women’s health magazine as there is an article of health and fitness, an article on nutrition and an article on shoes/shopping. All of which can be found in Women’s Health.

I was originally only going to do 2 features but the more I did the more I realised that 3 articles would work better and look better. So I have my main article on Tennis Injuries and Prevention which includes interviews with 3 professional tennis players This is a 4 page double spread. I then have a 2 page double spread based on Women’s tennis shoes. Then finally a 2 page double spread on nutrition including an interview with professional nutritionist Dr. Patrick Owen. 

Some of the problems I encountered were due to lack of money. I tried to contact people a number of times along the way to try and get products to photograph but struggled. I emailed many sports shoe companies. I went into lots of sports shops in leeds and spoke to people. I rang sports shoe companies. Sarah managed to get me a contact from Women’s health magazine who said that she might be able to get me down to London to photograph their products. I tried ringing this contact several times and she was always out of the office or would call back but unfortunately didn’t. I then decided I would buy products myself and send them back. So I spent about £250 on tennis shoes and tennis balls and took the photographs myself. I took photographs in the studio for a professional look at the shoes. I took photographs on tennis courts so that I could get a better background for my magazine as I figured it wouldn’t look that exciting if every page was black and white etc.



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