Final Feelings

I have finally finished this module. I feel that it went successfully and I have learnt a lot from this semester/year. 
Problems I have had:
Trying to get products this semester has been a bit of a nightmare.Spent a lot of time and effort trying to get shoes to photograph to fit into my final piece. I rang loads of companies,went into shops and everything but no one was keen to give me shoes. So I had to wait until I got my loan so I could afford to buy shoes to photograph. This obviously resulted in my time plan messing up a lot. I had to wait a lot of time in order to be able to put it all together.

I had trouble with the project management as well, because I couldn’t get a product then it meant a lot of things on my project management had to be changed/deleted. Before I could do a lot of things I needed the photographs, this resulted in me going over my plan and doing it later on than I had planned. It all worked out in the end and I managed to get the photographs.

Things i’ve learnt:
Not to solely depend on one thing. I will definitely be having lots of back up plans in the future so that if something goes wrong I have other plans and won’t waste so much time.

Got better at public speaking, I felt a lot less worried for my final presentation as I had done for others, I think I was more prepared and more used to doing it. Having never done a presentation before in my life to doing 3 in a semester was quite scary. But by the end one I felt a lot more comfortable.

What I enjoyed?
I enjoyed interviewing professional tennis players. I thought it was great to be able to speak to professionals about what they love. It was nice to know that they are just normal people as well and happy to speak to me.

I enjoyed the photography, using the studio to take photographs of the shoes was fun. I used Lucy as my foot model for the photographs. I feel that my photographs came out really well for my final magazine as well.

What would I do differently?
I wouldn’t change my final piece as I think it came out really well. The only thing would possibly be one of my photographs I wasn’t keen on. So would have liked to swapped it,but otherwise I think it looked good. 

I would have prepared better presentations for my pitch and my work in progress presentation. I was a little confused as to what to put into both of those and so it meant that my presentation didn’t come across very confident. I knew in my head what I was going to do all along but found it hard to explain myself, resulting in it being somewhat of a mystery.


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