Final Presentation Review

I feel like my presentation went relatively well. I think that my actual presentation wasn’t that attractive visually but I feel that I spoke my points across well. I covered all the things that were in our guide, showing demographics,how my work would fit into it etc. I also got my evaluation and project management stuff in for Alison. I spoke well and for the amount of allotted time. I had a question from each lecturer at the end and I felt that I answered them all competently. Sarah asked me, why didn’t I give up on my idea or change my idea when I struggled to find products? I answered by saying that I had all these ideas ages ago about how it would like and most of my work had been aimed at this story so didn’t want to just give up on it because I was finding it hard. A journalist should always stick with the story they’re given and get the story no matter how hard it is! Alison asked me about my Baseline costing compared to Actual costing, I struggled to answer that because I wasn’t 100% sure why it had happened, I think it was because of the amount of tasks I had to cancel because of not having products. Chris’s question was quite a hard one to answer about how I wrote for my specific target market but I answered it well again.And Honey asked me why I used still life photography instead of photographs of people playing tennis. I said this was because of my inspiration from George Ong as he is a still life photographer and also because Women’s health magazine tend to use quite a bit of still life in their work and I wanted to suit my magazine feature piece to them.
It was an amazing feeling at the end when it was all done and the nerves had disappeared! I feel like I have got better at presentations but still feel that I could keep improving.

Here is a link to my final presentation:



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