About Me

Hello, my name is Joe Kay, I am 20 years old, originally from a place about an hour south of Bristol called Cheddar… Where the cheese is from!

I am currently studying Photographic Journalism at Leeds Metropolitan University. I studied A level photography and so have used normal SLRs and Digital SLRs. The photography I most enjoyed doing was night photography and photography to do with light trails. I found it fun messing around with long shutter speeds to create different photographs. I am also passionate about sports photography as I really enjoy playing sport. I took a lot of photography during football matches when I wasn’t playing, I hope that one day I can go into sports photography during live football matches or go into the journalism side and be part of the media press conferences before and after football matches,as I would quite like to interview people. I like Wedding Photography too and did the photography for a wedding this summer. I am hoping to start doing Wedding Photography for money next summer in order to fund my university course.

I used to use a Nikon Digital SLR for my A level photography and for general snaps, then I used to use a Canon Film SLR for my first year of A levels. I have used a 75-300mm lens for some of my A levels as well as different filters and different lenses. I don’t really have anyone that inspires me in the way of photography as I would like to create my own style of Photography rather than copying from someone else, however I am fond of Bob Martins sports photography and Tony Howell’s photography as he is a local photographer to me. I studied both photographers during my A levels.


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