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Progression Project

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My final Photostory images were based on the theme of Purity. Purity often reminds me of clear water, things that are white, flowers, clean things and unspoilt or untainted things. I decided to look at purity within nature as I think that there is quite a lot of purity within nature, through birth of animals, rebirth of flowers, clear water and things that are white. I also found that I could create images that could perhaps be seen as ironic within purity and show that not all things natural have impurities also.

Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3 and Photo 8 are all of lambs, 2 of the photographs the lambs are with their mothers which I think shows the purity of newly born animals, as often babies are seen to be pure, innocent and untainted. I also think it shows the pure love that is shared between mother and baby. Photo 2 could be seen as impure because of the surrounding fence, showing entrapment and perhaps that nature isn’t completely pure. The barbed wire shows a hostile environment where the animals are trapped and will eventually be killed and eaten, which shows the impure side of nature.

Photo 4 is of blossom, I often associate purity with things that are white and blossoming flowers and think that blossom shows purity perfectly. I also think that the blue sky in the background with no clouds in shows purity as well because the sky is clear.
Photo 5, Photo 6 and Photo 7 are all of swans. The swans are roaming free in a field and unlike the lambs they aren’t trapped in by barbed wire or fences. I think that this shows pure nature as the swans are free. Also the whiteness of the swans can be connected to purity too. Especially Photo 6, the grass is much greener in this photo which makes the white of the swan stand out more.

Photo 9 and Photo 10 are both photographs of Cheddar Reservoir where I live at home. When doing research in this project I found that water came up heavily when I searched for purity so I thought that I would take pictures of Cheddar reservoir. I think that the water is so clear that it is pure, the reflection from the sky makes the water look clearer and nicer too. I think that this could also be seen as impure in nature because the reservoir is manmade and is used to clean water and send out again, I think this is kind of similar to the lambs as it is pure but manmade things trap them both in and use them for themselves. In Photograph 9 I managed to capture 2 people hugging, I think that this shows the purity of emotion between two people.



I took this photograph in the dark,but used the Flash Gun to make everything visible. I picked a football because football and sport is a big part of my life and I enjoy playing and watching it. I chose a lens as Photography is a hobby of mine, I would have taken a photograph of my camera if I could. I also put in the book of chicken,as chicken is my favourite food and I quite enjoy cooking. Finally I put all this stuff on my bed, so that my bed could be in shot,as it is probably my favourite thing and where I spend most of my time!

Final 10 Photographs

Final Assignment Research

I have chosen to do purity for my final assignment. The definition of Purity is the condition or quality of being pure;  freedom fromanything that debases, contaminates, pollutes, etc.: the purity of drinking water. Freedom from guilt or evil; innocence.
When I first heard we had to choose between Purity or Austerity I immediately thought about lots of things that went with purity.
Purity in weddings, with white dresses and the pureness of love. Purity in water, clean clear water free from substance. The colour white, swans,lambs, blossom,flowers and other things. Purity in new birth, babies being born, innocence.
I have chosen to look at Nature as a way of portraying Purity as I think there are a number of  things within nature,especially around springtime that are pure.
I looked into Nature Photographers and found Bill Atkinson. I found that his photographs show nature in its purest form, showing calmness,natural and colours in their purest form. His photographs are mainly of natural things without any man made alterations. I think that nature on its own can be seen as earth at its purest, without any man made ‘imperfections’. There are no people in his images which I think signifies the purity of nature without humans, as often humans are seen to destroy natural purity by building. So I feel that all photographs of beautiful nature show the purity of life without humans.

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Travel Assignment

I got a bus when I was at home in Somerset, I got on the bus and followed it to the end of the route which was somewhere I had not been before. I thought that this photograph showed what the place was like. It was an old fashioned town with and old fashioned style market, I thought this was shown well through the cobbled paths, vintage street lights and the castle at the end of the photograph.

Event Assignment 2

I went to the Liverpool vs Everton Cup semi final at Wembley on 14th April and thought I would do another Event assignment with a photograph and a video showing my experience.

Where I was sat during the match