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Review of Professional Portfolio

As a whole I think that my website is quite good. I think that it shows my ambitions in what sort of journalism I do, in my about section it explains that I am mostly a sports journalist and photographer but do dabble in other photography. I think it showcases my work well and shows that I can do an array of work. I think the general layout of the website is quite clean and easy to navigate around. I particularly like the homepage with one of my photographs as the background, I think having a homepage with a photograph and an entry gives a professional effect rather than just going straight into everything. My website is social media friendly, with the ability to tweet or Facebook the photographs or stories that are on my website.
One thing I dislike about the website is the curations page, it annoyed me a lot that you could not get rid of the gap between the heading and the actual curations. This was something I spent a lot of time trying to work out and got nowhere.

My Homepage

My Homepage

I have found out along the way just how hard it is to make a website, having never made one before I thought it would be fairly simple, but each time I started making a website I would encounter numerous problems. Not being able to code was quite a problem as I think it would be easier to make things a lot crisper and neater. Also website creators that I have used I have encountered problems with, resulting in me changing my website about 3 times. Eventually though Portfoliobox was a good website creator and was much easier than the other and still produced high quality.

Overall I think I have found that with this project to create a truly professional portfolio I would have to pay money to use a decent website creator as although some of the free website creators are very good, they just don’t fully match up to a professional page that you would pay for. I have looked at some other students websites who have all used free website creators and think it is quite hard to produce something that is truly professional without spending money. After I graduate University and can afford to run my own website then I think I could produce something of much higher value and quality.


Final Problems

One problem I encountered whilst using portfolio box was for the curations.Every time I added a curation it would be miles down the page. Then if I went back to edit this it would delete it, so every time I wanted to edit the curation page I had to copy and paste the embed codes from my curations repeatedly. They would still end up being down the page which was very annoying. I realised that there was not really any other way to sort this problem out other than to just put an advisory at the top saying to scroll down. This makes my website look less professional but it was something that I spent hours trying to sort out and there was no solution.
Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 19.14.10 Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 12.20.38

Testing My Website for Errors

I used the Wave Website Accessibility Evaluation Tool to assess my online portfolio to see how many problems and errors I encountered. I had one error on every page that was something that couldn’t be changed and wasn’t a big enough problem to cause my website to not run or look bad.

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 19.33.51I had a few alerts on each page but they were mainly all to say that the font type was the same for two different things which I did not see as a big enough problem to change.

I then went to try to check how usable it was for colourblind people, using the website However I tried this website on numerous occasions and it always seemed to be down so I think it must not be running anymore which was unhelpful when trying to see how colourblind friendly my website was.Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 19.31.47

First Attempt Feedback

I got feedback when I had finished my basic outline of my website and got a number of replies about some of the font being hard to read due to the background. The font was small and unable to read so I changed the font to bigger bolder text so that it stood out more and was easier to read. I got feedback that I had left out an easy way to be contacted and had completely forgot to put a contact form in which I later added. Another bit of useful feedback I received this week was that my layout wasn’t very professional, I kind of had stuff everywhere so I changed the layout of my website and rearranged things to make it all a bit clearer. I have proceeded in making these changes and will now attempt to get more feedback.

Website Accessibility


Portfolio Website Accessibility:
This week we looked at how to check our own websites to see how well they function and if our pages have errors on them.

Refers to making the internet accessible to everyone.
Making website changes to help people with different difficulties. So for instance changing colours of the page for colour-blind people or making it audio friendly for blind people.

Here are a list of websites which we can use to check our own work to see how well it functions. check your portfolio for errors and to see how accessible it is. is a website you can use to see if your page is visible to colour blind people. this will help you spot 90% of problems on your portfolio website.
Work out target audience for website,based on the target audience and your background knowledge of usability from your reading. Ask them to look at the website and review it;
Asking open questions such as ‘What do you think of the colour scheme?”. Then setting closed tasks such as “find my contact details” or  “find my cv” to see how easy it is to navigate around the website.

More Website Troubles

After using Cargo Collective and failing I decided to try and use 500px. This seemed like a much better website and began to create my website using  500px. It was easy to upload photographs and I could create a nice layout which looked professional , it also made it easy for me to produce a biography page and a contact page which I knew I needed to have. After uploading photographs and making it look like a good photography portfolio I wanted to add my design work and news articles that I have produced. This is where I had the same problem as Cargo Collective. Unless I turned all my work into JPEGs and displayed my work as images in a slideshow,there was no way to produce my work. This meant that I was going to have to change to another website creator again!

This was quite annoying as I quite liked the work I had produced using this website… Further to this, I found out that it was only a free trial and that this website I had created would only last a further 12 days before being deleted or me having to pay for an upgrade. As the hand in date was after this time period I realised this was not going to work either.

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 19.01.14

Website Problems

I have tried to use Cargo Collective to make my website but have had trouble using this website. I thought to begin with that it would be perfect for making a website on but it didn’t seem very user friendly. The online editor wasn’t very good and when I tried to upload new photos I would have to resize every single one so that the file size was smaller to fit on the website,reducing the quality and size of my work. Also found it hard to produce pages that show work other than just photographs which would be useless when I need to show work I have created and articles I have written.

The website I half created using this was not very good at all, this website allowed very limited editing and meant that I was not able to produce something that looked professional. This would be good maybe if you were only showcasing photographs but thats about it!

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 18.48.49