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Final Magazine

Final magazine:
I have made a 3 article feature piece to fit into Women’s health magazine. I have looked at their style and adopted it into my own work so that my feature could fit into their magazine. I haven’t copied it fully though as I wanted it to be a bit unique. I have researched into the font types used in Women’s health and used similar fonts.Similar layouts with double page photographs and then single photographs. I think that the articles would fit well into a Women’s health magazine as there is an article of health and fitness, an article on nutrition and an article on shoes/shopping. All of which can be found in Women’s Health.

I was originally only going to do 2 features but the more I did the more I realised that 3 articles would work better and look better. So I have my main article on Tennis Injuries and Prevention which includes interviews with 3 professional tennis players This is a 4 page double spread. I then have a 2 page double spread based on Women’s tennis shoes. Then finally a 2 page double spread on nutrition including an interview with professional nutritionist Dr. Patrick Owen. 

Some of the problems I encountered were due to lack of money. I tried to contact people a number of times along the way to try and get products to photograph but struggled. I emailed many sports shoe companies. I went into lots of sports shops in leeds and spoke to people. I rang sports shoe companies. Sarah managed to get me a contact from Women’s health magazine who said that she might be able to get me down to London to photograph their products. I tried ringing this contact several times and she was always out of the office or would call back but unfortunately didn’t. I then decided I would buy products myself and send them back. So I spent about £250 on tennis shoes and tennis balls and took the photographs myself. I took photographs in the studio for a professional look at the shoes. I took photographs on tennis courts so that I could get a better background for my magazine as I figured it wouldn’t look that exciting if every page was black and white etc.



Photo Studio

This week I bought £250 worth of tennis shoes after struggling to get any products from companies. I then went into the studio at University and used Lucy as a leg model for my work. I took loads of photographs of the shoes with Lucy wearing them, some without and some photographs of dropping things in water. I got home and looked through the photographs and edited some but decided that I wasn’t completely happy with all the photographs I had so got Lucy to come and be a leg model again. I went back to the Studio and took photographs closer up with her wearing both shoes instead of just one. The outcome of the photographs was much better and will be using these photographs in my feature. I will now edit the photographs using Photoshop to make them look much better and magazine ready.



DSC_0385 DSC_0463

Photography Ideas…

Apple cut like a tennis ball

Cut tennis ball
Cut apple
tennis balls being rolled out
4 leg shots with shoes
lemon dropped in water
glass of water/milk
coconut cut in half
cracked egg
? root vegetables ?
tennis shoes on court
balls on court
jumping legs with shoes in shot
bottle of water
things i need:
Bottle of water
kitchen roll
water spray


Week 10 Final Presentation:


Final presentation:
will be filmed.. monday and thursday jg231 friday priestly g05 With all lecturers.
20 minute slot and time for questions
Upload documents to x stream
What to include:
Suitable Format…
Could show similar examples
could include research to persuade us it is suitable to the brand
Excellent potential for professional publication:
How does your work show potential?
All written work is correctly punctuated etc.
Would be suitable for a future issue of the publication
show media kit of how my article would fit into it
Exceptional creative and technical standard of photography:
Do they have visual impact?
Writing suitable for publication?
Excellent punctuation etc
Writing suits the publication’s readership/audience
Relevant to their chosen editorial market
Could show media kits
You could link your work to any relevant interest of the audience that is specified on the media kit.



I haven’t been able to get any products yet to photograph which has resulted in slippage in my Gantt Chart. I have had to push the studio back a few weeks until I have products able to photograph. I will have to wait until I can afford to buy the shoes myself I think as it is getting later and later and I might run out of time to get anything. I have removed several things from my Gantt chart where I won’t be able to complete them until I have these products.

Writing The Report

I have found that this report took more time than I perhaps thought it would, I noticed this when I was updating my GANTT chart that I had clearly gone over my own personal deadlines for what I had wanted to achieve. I spent a lot of time looking for references and reading articles. I got too drawn into an article and then would read another article based on that one. I ended up reading about stuff that wasn’t really relevant but was quite interesting about my research. I think the hardest part was trying to find so many academic references and paraphrasing them, with only 4000 words allowed I was finding it hard to paraphrase things and still be critical of the literature. I very vaguely estimated at the beginning I would do 500 word intro 500 word conclusions,30 references paraphrased being about 100 words each. This turned out to be a lot more and I had to cut down and rewrite a lot of my work. I think that my final research report is very accurate and detailed. The information I have gathered for the report is all useful and sticks to my objectives well, I think that I will find it easier in the second semester to write a decent story because of the information I have gathered. Also I feel that by following my GANTT chart better now that it is better planned I will stick to deadlines and get higher quality work produced.

Updating My GANTT Chart

Updating my GANTT chart was quite a challenging aspect of this module. It wasn’t so much that I found it tricky,more that because I wasn’t used to it I was spending a lot of time trying to make it good and efficient and encountered a few problems a long the way. I got fairly frustrated with it because as soon as you change one thing,it changes everything else making it quite hard to alter a mistake you have made or to change a date. However in the end, after quite a while I managed to sort my whole chart out and had Baselines that showed the progress of each week. I think that now that I have got the hang of the GANTT chart, semester two should be much easier as I will be able to quickly produce a GANTT chart that will help me keep up to date with all my work and will therefore increase proficiency meaning my work should be of a higher quality.semester1